• richard avatar Richard Posted: 6/1/2011 4:06pm PDT

    Thanks for the clarification, John. two quick things:
    1.You might want to adjust your FAQ concerning tickets incurred by renters, because it implies that Getaround will only pay for tickets if they're sent in by owners within five days. That seems like a moderately short window: http://support.getaround.com/kb/policies/what-happens-if-a-renter-receives-a-parking-ticket-or-other-violation.
    2. The clarification on insurance is useful. Do other states have similar laws, or is expansion going to require some advocacy work on Getaround's part?

  • John Atcheson Posted: 6/1/2011 3:40pm PDT

    I work for Getaround, and we appreciate your bringing peer-to-peer car sharing up for discussion. While we definitely don't claim to have worked out all the potential kinks with P2P car sharing, we do want to clarify a few things you mention. First, to date we've only had one instance in which a car has been returned dirty. We notified the renter, and if it happens again, he'll be removed from the system. Second, if a ticket is incurred during a rental and not paid by the renter, we pay the ticket on behalf of the car owner and charge the renter's credit card. Third, regarding insurance, we operate under California's AB 1871, which mandates that all insurance coverage during a rental be handled by the car sharing company (us!).