• Kevin Posted: 5/23/2011 5:34am PDT

    We're trying to sell our house to we can move closer to work. I determined I can save $2.2K for gas for my truck alone per year by moving closer. I only live 23 miles away, but traffic is getting worse by the day. Unfortunately, between the housing bubble and gas prices, we're screwed. Home shoppers are looking for bargains - foreclosures and short sales only. My house is only 4 years old and we can't get anyone to look at it.

  • Jim McDonald Posted: 5/21/2011 6:17pm PDT

    My last move was specifically to shorten my commute, but not because of gas prices and not recently. In 1983 I moved just a bit over two miles from work to be relatively free from traffic nightmares. I never regretted the decision.
    I have coworkers who live 60 miles away and subject themselves to 600 miles of rush-hour driving per week, 30,000 a year for work alone. I can get in a lot of feet-up-with-a-cold-one time while they're pounding pavement.