• Jim Nelson Posted: 5/21/2011 8:04am PDT

    We have been dissapointed about the hwy mileage hype of 40 mpg on the 2011 Elantra. Ninety percent of my driving is highway and even the the computer trip report reads from 36 to 39 mpg but, the gas mileage is only 32-33. When I complained to the dealership,the service department confirmed by math of 33 mpg. No explanation of why the computer showed such a difference in elevated readings. I was told at 600 miles, it was too soon to evaluate and wait till 1,500. At 2,500, I was told the engine was "too tight" and wait till 5,000. Also see if you can find a station or gas company that only sells 100% non ethanol. The car manual states that the driver is not advised to use cruise option the first 600 miles and the car is broken in after that.