• Eletruk Posted: 4/26/2011 11:15am PDT

    No the battery is not toxic. Yet your gasoline is extremely toxic, ever think about that?
    Lithium batteries are non-toxic, and actually are considered benign and land fill safe. However you really wouldn't want to just throw them away, better to recycle them. Lithium batteries don't emit fumes when charged, only when overcharged to the point where the battery management system has completely failed. Only the much older lead acid batteries present the issues you mention, none of the new modern EVs use lead acid batteries for a number of reasons, short life, heavy, dangerous chemicals, etc.
    How is it you don't have any concern with driving around with the equivalent of 20 sticks of dynamite under your butt?

  • Bill Burke Posted: 4/26/2011 7:12am PDT

    Safety is one reason to avoid these cars. What happens in a crash to the battery material, is this toxic? What happens to you when it's cold and you need to drive over 15 miles before you drain power on the highway? What is the danger, as has happened already, to folks charging their battery in an enclosed garage and fumes from a compromised battery cause a fire? Safe, by what stanard?