• mike hunt Posted: 5/8/2011 8:33pm PDT

    They are so slick. Many rental car employees will drive "unrented" vehicles all week with a non dated contract,and if anything happens to the "unrented" car,they simply fill in dates and go sideswipe a truck,perhaps fake an injury, and the motor carrier foots the bill. Beware of minority drivers in Florida.

  • Chris Taylor Posted: 4/25/2011 8:45am PDT

    as for Drive Down again EADD. buffers and active aggressive defense.
    If someone is able to HIT you and it not be OBVIOUS they did it on purpose YOU SCREWED UP by allowing them to be too close when you made your maneuver. Don't let them be too close. Ever.
    I also have a DASH cam running in my car at all times. you can get one for around $20-$30 online. they run when the engine is on and "eat" their own tail as they record. SO shove a 4gb card into one and it will hold the last 3 to 10 HOURS of driving. when it fills up it erases the oldest video and "loops" over itself.
    when something happens wait till the event is PASSED and then REMOVE the memory card to preserve the video for evidence purposes. tell NO ONE you have it until you have secured BACKUP STORAGE of the video content.
    also TALK to yourself when anything "hinky" happens or might happen. Hmm that car is in an odd position as he is waiving me out into traffic etc.. OUTLOUD. that "real time" evidence has a lot more weight than he says she says because its a lot harder to "fake/plan" that kind of stuff.
    but just practicing safe buffers and EADD skills will prevent 99% of all of this.

  • Chris Taylor Posted: 4/25/2011 8:41am PDT

    Most of these are EASILY avoided with good EADD skills (extremely active defensive driving)
    First BIG BUFFERS. this takes care of Swoop and Squat and Panic Stop.
    Second ALWAYS pay attention and maintain your buffers. it should be PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a car to force you to rear end it. If you hit the car in front of you regardless of their actions YOU WERE TOO CLOSE.
    if they "cut" in front of you with the intention of then hitting the brakes again this is where EADD comes in. someone cuts in front of me I am hitting the brakes before they even finish merging.
    ALWAYS maintain at least 2 "outs" no one "rides" alongside me (I actively prevent it by changing lanes or hitting the brakes (as hard as needed) so it would be hard to swipe me