• fb_1001015277 avatar John Posted: 4/15/2011 12:04pm PDT

    I think the point about the two different body styles is excellent. It is really nice to have some choices of styling when you go for a fuel efficient vehicle.

  • fb_1792677598 avatar George Posted: 4/15/2011 1:46pm PDT

    Good job with the comparison. I am a big fan of the new styling direction Hyundai has taken with the Sonata and Elantra. Value, features, performance and finish all seem to be at very high marks with the current generation of Hyundai 2011 autos. Consumer Reports concurs with your conclusion in this month's magazine report of economy cars.

  • johnnymars avatar johnnymars Posted: 1/25/2012 7:01am PST

    The styling star has got to be the Kia Optima, IMHO, the most exciting mid-size vehicle. The Sonata's grill is plain ugly, but I like the rest of the fluid styling, especially the rear end.

  • johnnymars avatar johnnymars Posted: 1/25/2012 6:58am PST

    Good report, John. I like the edge that the Cruze has in airbags (ten vs. six) and quieter ride over the Elantra. The Elantra, however, has a better warrantee (5/60). I prefer the Cruze's styling and seats. My butt got numb after only a few miles in the Elantra.