• Gregg Posted: 6/3/2011 5:42pm PDT

    The problem i have with G.M. is they have forgotten about having coupes in their lineup, like what about a Malibu coupe or an Impala coupe? relabelling a Lumina into a Monte Carlo just shows the laziness of this company. They put all their focus on the Volt which looks like an old chrysler product, plymouth breeze anyone?
    Bring the 2 door coupes and convertibles back not everyone wants a four door old persons car or an SUV gas pig.

  • gmveteran Posted: 4/13/2011 12:28pm PDT

    OK, one more and then I'm done. Don't assume that all Impalas are sold to fleets. It is actually a very popular car with retirees, for basically the same reasons it is popular with fleets. It gets the job done at a good value and has comfortable room for friends.
    Some of you may also be surprised to learn that every vehicle in the GM lineup has some level of fleet sales. Yep, even Corvette. Different companies have different needs and they buy vehicles to suit their needs. In reality, the biggest fleet vehicle by gross sales at GM is the Silverado. At Ford it would be the F-150. Even more so when the economy is healthy. Hey, the Obama administration committed to buying 100 Volts, so it is also now a fleet vehicle!

  • gmveteran Posted: 4/13/2011 12:20pm PDT

    Actually, fleet sales are a staple of the industry. Large companies buy hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year, and contrary to popular opinion, that is profitable business. Government sales are also profitable, and they buy a lot of vehicles each year as well. The rental car companies used to be a dumping ground for cars when excess capacity ruled the day and the Big 3 had to keep lines running because they had to pay workers whether they were working or not. Now that some reality has re-entered the labor situation in the U.S., they no longer have to build cars and have dialed back on the sales to the rental car companies. This business is also now profitable, though less so than corporate fleets. Fleet is no longer a dirty word!

  • fr8bil Posted: 4/13/2011 4:59am PDT

    When they install the 3.6 DI V-6, let's hope they have the timing chain issues figured out. GM's current "fix" is to change oil more frequently on the 2009 Lambda platform rather than recall and replace the defective chains...laughable !

  • Arelem Posted: 4/12/2011 3:21pm PDT

    Fleet sales (which what most of the Impala's numbers are) are nothing to brag about. They are customarily a dumping ground to artificially push up sales figures. All fleets want are cheap and will they last until fully written off the books.

  • gmveteran Posted: 4/12/2011 12:38pm PDT

    Say what you will, but its hard to argue with success. The Impala is a strong fleet car, with corporations as well as with rental companies. It is a large car that rides well, is quiet, gets good fuel economy and doesn't break the bank. This is exactly what a lot of people need. One need only look at the sales numbers. Impala dramatically outsells all named competitors. For the first three months of the year, Impala has sold 49,541 units. The next closest in sales is the Taurus with 14,470 units. Charger has 14,311 and Maxima has 14,285. The Toyota Avalon is another notch down with only 6,477 sales through March and the Kia Amanti is no longer available and registers no sales in 2011. So, with dominant sales like that on a platform that is paid for, maybe GM management is making some smart moves. Never fear, Impala will be updated as an all-new car in the near future, but for now they are dedicating resources to other lines that need the help more.

  • Embosan Posted: 4/12/2011 10:30am PDT

    Richard...ever hear of punctuation and the caps key?

  • Richard Posted: 4/12/2011 8:07am PDT

    well it is true the impala is lacking but think about it... why get a car that has all the frills and what not when you can take a car like say the Scion and add "Your" frills and style and make it completely yours in tast and style i have a impala and im proud to own one as i compare it to the Scion brand due to the bland plain look a blank canvas there for you to change i say

  • Jerry Stigliano Posted: 4/11/2011 8:10pm PDT

    I highly doubt that anyone considering a 2011 Charger would also consider the '11 Impala. This old-think product needed to be canned years ago. It's boring, basic and absolutely no-frills. I liken it to the now defunct Ford Crown Vic. Incidentally, I just ordered an '11 Charger AWD. In every way and in every specification (save for fuel economy), the Charger wins. For that matter, so does the Taurus (which I didn't consider - but would any day before the Wimpala). Why would GM - on such a big turnaround, offer such a dated, tasteless car? Surely basic transportation can look good, not like Aunt Julie's car. Oh, wait, Aunt Julies HAS an Impala!

  • JKD Posted: 4/11/2011 4:46pm PDT

    I googled "2012 Impala" and, amazingly, a rebadged Holden Commodore with the rear wheel drive and the Corvette-sourced V8 showed up!

  • fb_82100996 avatar Richard Posted: 4/11/2011 1:34pm PDT

    I just looked up "frumpy" in the dictionary and, amazingly, this car was pictured there!