• Thomas Posted: 3/8/2011 2:03pm PST

    Chrysler needs to do a few things:
    1 - Bring the 200 out that was displayed few years ago at the NAIAS.
    2 - Implement a top notch AWD system Not 4x4 AWD.
    3 - Remember the roots that Iacocca put in so many years ago.
    Remember those they'll be on their way back up.

  • Bill Burke Posted: 3/9/2011 8:56am PST

    Only Chrysler loyalists can appreciate the difficulty of enduring through all the ups and downs. Chrysler has produced some of the most innovative products in the automotive arena. It has also created some self inflicted wounds that have brought them to the brink of extenction. Through all this a sizable customer base has remained loyal. It remains a formable challenge we recognize clearly.
    What remains is the LONG task of product restructuring in a realistic business plan.
    Chrysler 200 is a perfect example. A weak product must solve all defects in a one year cycle.Fortunately this ad has made an impression in the market and the message of rebirth is resonating.
    Can the 200 live up to the buzz? Probably not, considering what Chrysler had to work with. Is the new 200 worthy of market consideration? Probably.Should the press give it a fair shake? To be fair, the 200 should stand on its own. Is the 200 a segment contender?
    I believe the decision by Chrysler to relaunch the 200 was correct as it demonstrates its ability to quickly improve a product. That skill is key to any 21st century auto company and Chrysler has shown unusual skill to do just that with the 200. It is also demonstrating remarkable skill in visioning and executing a solid business plan. Do we Chrysler loyalists have reason to be optimistic?