• Jules Posted: 3/7/2011 8:12am PST

    The article is saying that Hyundai is gaining ground on its competitors in this aspect. They "won" because a few years ago their residual value was horrible and now they beat most of the mainstream folks (Toyota, GM, Ford, etc.) and have a lot of potential.

  • Matt Posted: 3/6/2011 6:04am PST

    Confusing logic in this story. Something is left out. The article asserts that leasing will increase and the companies with the highest resale will benefit the most. It singles out Hyundai as the winner and yet a list of highest resale shows 4 competitors to have higher resale than Hyundai. The logic of the story would lead to the conclusion that lease increases will be led by mini, then subaru, then mazda, then honda and finally Hyundai. So why is Hyundai the winner? Is it that Hyundai sells the most cars out of the top 5 and even though they do not have the highest resale due to market share they will lease the greatest number? To come to a conclusion, we need to see the market share of each of those companies.