• listentokroq Posted: 12/28/2010 9:07am PST

    We don't always have great things to say about AT&T (phone and data service continue to be spotty in many major cities), but in this case, the company has earned a big thumbs-up. AT&T may not cause the car accidents themselves, but the company and its SMS services are part of the problem. It's only fair that they and other carriers become part of the solution, too.
    This is a good informative video. I never read or respond to texts while driving. I wait until I get to a stop. Now, what do opinions about the coverage and data have to with this? The company and the SMS service is not part of the problem. Its the bad decisions people make while driving.

  • Michael Sanford Posted: 12/28/2010 4:44pm PST

    Our community just lost a two year old girl to a texting teenager. The child and her mother were in a crosswalk and were hit by the driver. These tragedies are rendered even more painful by the fact that they are so preventable and unnecessary.