• fb_100000458268753 avatar Neil Posted: 12/15/2010 2:47pm PST

    Reminds me a little of the guy who was on the phone to 911 for the better part of an hour, claiming that he couldn't stop his accelerating Prius... What ever happened to him? (I think he already had financial problems?)

  • ptr Posted: 12/15/2010 2:47pm PST

    "in the tony community", "diagnosed one week after the accidnet"
    Proof-read much?

  • john_v avatar John Posted: 12/15/2010 3:26pm PST

    @PTR: Thanks for catching the "accidnet" typo. Fixed. However, "tony" is a widely accepted adjective meaning posh, upscale, well-manicured, etc. 1 for 2, not bad. :)

  • intensive driving Posted: 12/16/2010 4:37am PST

    It reminds me of a placard I once saw:
    American Justice - The Best that Money Can Buy.
    It shouldn't be so.

  • Michael Turner Posted: 12/16/2010 6:56am PST

    Sleep apnea is NOT narcolepsy. In sleep apnea sleep is interrupted by difficulty in breathing due to physical causes such as being overweight. Narcolepsy is a neurological condition a manifestation of which is lack of consolidation of nighttime sleep episodes, which then causes the excessive daytime sleepiness, a SYMPTOM of narcolepsy.
    Know what you are saying, please, rather than encouraging the spread of misinformation.

  • john_v avatar John Posted: 12/16/2010 9:25am PST

    @Michael Turner: Thanks for the additional info. Your comment seems to support the question I asked in the article: If Erzinger has sleep apnea, how does that cause him to fall asleep during the DAY?

  • David Posted: 12/16/2010 10:40am PST

    Sleep apnea has been shown to cause drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. In most cases that I've heard, it is basically snoring or heavy breathing which wakes you up many times throughout every night. It interrupts your sleep cycle, preventing you from ever really being well-rested. It is certainly different from narcolepsy, but your final assertion is correct: he should realize he is constantly drowsy, not fit to drive, and take responsibility for his actions behind the wheel.

  • tote Posted: 12/16/2010 11:12am PST

    Ahh, Lawyers- Gotta love em! Something doesn't have to make sense, just misdirect from common sense. I'm surprised that he didn't claim the car accelerated all by itself and then attacked the women and children. If it had been a Toyota, he probably would have.

  • AP Posted: 12/16/2010 11:51am PST

    Point here is the typical dual standard. He should not get a break because he would loose his job. I remember when I had a newborn at home that kept me up all night for weeks. For a while, I could not make a 20 minute drive to work without stopping to the side.
    We have a tendency to not hold people accountable for their actions. Attorneys can come up with all sorts of lame excuses, it is up to the judges to ensure justice is served....unless they also drive a Mercedes and are showing up to work after inhaling the fumes.

  • USAFANG67 avatar USAFANG67 Posted: 7/6/2012 5:49pm PDT

    I can relate because the intoxicating smell of a certain lady made me hit the gas pedal instead of the breaks :-)