• vegasjerry Posted: 11/26/2010 8:58am PST

    Dr. Olds doesn't know of what he speaks. GM's history of building crappy cars goes back to the days of Roger Smith's rein. X body, Corvair, Chevette. You name it and it fell apart quickly. GM's history of recalls goes back for years. Still happening today.
    I am a retired auto repair shop owner. Fixing the GM cars of the 70's and 80's made me lots of money. Stupid things like door hinges wearing out, No other makers had this problem. GM has more recalls than any 2 other car co's. combined.

  • Dr Olds Posted: 11/26/2010 8:23am PST

    @vegasjerry- Rather foolish comment. No child front seat child seat installation instructions when neither GM nor NHTSA recommend even using them in the front seat!!! Contrast that with unintended acceleration at Toyota & Honda. Toyota has far more recalls relative to their sales than GM.

  • vegasjerry Posted: 11/25/2010 9:20am PST

    Typical GM Blunder !! One recall after another. Nothing ever changes with this Co.
    Engineering is not a good word here.