• Jack Joseph Posted: 11/23/2010 4:08pm PST

    So does this mean the Ford Focus is really the bottom of the Ford Line of cars.. as Ford was perfecting it's return home? I once had TOYOTA's bottom of the line '80 Tercel. Inside was all plastic/vinyl. Ciould hose entire interior down with a hose and poof! it'd sparkle and still start. Every time. This makes THAT bottom-line car one of the Great Ones! Never an electrical issue even. Ugly Car but reliable. THAT'S what a bottom-line car should be. Thats all I except from it as well as demand. But my 2006 Focus disap.me. From it's constant SRS lights on plastic pieces and made in China parts breaking. So is this 2011 Fi3esta going to replace (i wish) the focii or be a rung above it. has way more extras. But will it be like the Tercel of 1980 or lower-priced lower-quality 2006 Ford Focus, if so then no thanks. Not even if Oprah gave it to me on one of her "free cars give aways". B/C like her, it sounds great! FREE CAR! But if she hasn't changed, then she's still sticking these poor people with the new-car taxes to pay. And if you can't drive the free car around then it isn't a free car - not for you!
    and if the lower-priced basic sedan doesn't start, or can't pass inspection then hey! Same outcome. Youre screwed. And Im so tired of being screwed. And Lets Buy American and all that crap? Every part I;'ve removed says Made in China. No exaggeration. It's all slight of hand and emty wallet syndrome. and I habve no higher hoped for this Fiesta.