• JKD Posted: 10/29/2010 12:24pm PDT

    Ok - they still make Volgas in Russia and Skoda is just a rebranded VW (though providing more value and reliability than its German versions), so those two are not and have never been related. BTW, I grew up fearing "black Volgas" with secret police inside and we had a brand new one of these things (a station wagon version) every three years:
    You can laugh all you want but it probably still is the most reliable POS in the world (especially in the 2-cycle version since things like liquid cooling or even a fuel pump with the tank sitting on top of the engine are curiously missing)

  • a.d. Posted: 11/2/2010 2:01pm PDT

    "That made them good candidates for export to developing countries like India and Indonesia..."??? Russian cars were never imported into India. Having lived there, I should know. Also, Russian roads, from what I'd seen first hand in 2000 were not much different from those found here in the U.S. Perhaps the only difference was that they were wider!
    Do check your facts before writing and putting out an article. Makes one wonder just how much of what's stated is incorrect and just plain silly.