• intensive driving Posted: 10/24/2010 3:10am PDT

    Hold on to all the evidence... a class action could be profitable down the road.

  • steve Posted: 10/23/2010 7:14am PDT

    Sorry to say, my recall was fixed and still my 2001 F-150 burned to the ground. Ford said, "Tough!" That's Ford tough.

  • AmericaHas Posted: 10/22/2010 6:41am PDT

    The LA Times reported there were 550 fires. That's 0.0003% of 17.5M vehicles. That seems more like a NHTSA witch hunt than a serious risk to me. Is the government trying to influence Ford's sales?

  • truck accessories Posted: 10/22/2010 4:37am PDT

    Wow ford sure has a problem with fires, first ignition switches now cruise control. What next.