• Thomas Posted: 10/21/2010 10:24am PDT

    The segment is decreasing because OEMs like Ford think that people that are buying a Ranger are doing so because it's cheap and efficient. Wrong. They're buying it because they need it for their hauling and towing needs. It's a pickup, not a car. I'm just glad Mahindra has understood this - their compact diesel pickups sound very interesting. Too bad for the legal squabble between it and GV. But I'm not sure once it gets resolved we'll see the trucks - the US market is too important for an aspiring global automotive brand to ignore.

  • J Baustian Posted: 10/19/2010 12:43pm PDT

    I'm not in the market for any pickup -- a flatbed utility trailer can haul anything I need hauled -- but I am still hoping the Mahindra diesel pickup makes it to American shores. The problem with compact pickups has been their price and fuel mileage numbers have been about the same as the full-size pickups. A compact pickup with lots of torque, that gets 30+ mpg, will sell if it's priced right.

  • Jim Posted: 10/19/2010 11:42am PDT

    Terry is right. The real reason that the "new" Rangers are not selling is that they are old Rangers. My '04 Edge is better than a '10 Ranger in most respects. Compacts don't sell well because there are no new, good ones available. The GM compacts are crap. The Tacoma and Frontier do well because they are pretty new, but they are expensive, too. An '12 Ranger as shown, with a 2.2L turbo diesel would be just great and what most home owners really need. Ok, so it will eat into some F-150 sales, but Ford will still reap the profit.

  • Terry Posted: 10/19/2010 10:50am PDT

    What kind of sales do you expect when Ford put almost no money in the ranger. I owned one, it fitted my needs but when I went to buy another it was basically the same truck I bought 9 years ago. I had to go to the Tacoma which is doing the job. Advice, make a safe reasonable price and high quality smaller truck than the full size and a market will appear. Not everyone needs or wants a monster to do the job. No more half attemps like the old Ranger, weak Colorado/Canyons.