• Reahani Posted: 10/21/2010 8:41pm PDT

    Um... is this a joke? I mean, this is a car that could've/would've easily been designed in the mid-1990's. I like falmiliarity (cars now are looking too weird and bulk/aerodynamically missbalanced without being flying cars), and they did just that with designing an idea already visited, but what I want to know is what's most important: is this car up to par with the economy & tecnology standards of the times, all aesthetic design set asside; this car looks like a cross-between a mid-90's VW Jetta/Nissan Sentra. Hm, interesting Subaru would do this. I would like to see if other car manufacturers jump on this trend-boat.

  • Kurt Posted: 10/25/2010 11:14pm PDT

    Subaru cars are kind of meh. The WRX is ok, but c'mon, Subaru is most commonly associated with Lesmobiles like the Forrester or Outback. BO-RING wagons most suited for hauling your dog around.
    Actually, this tactic of attacking other makes reminds me of their lame-ass campaign for whatever their forgettable hatchback is called. Remember those? Where they tried to sell us that their soon-to-be-discontinued hatchback was as good as a MINI? As. If.