• petenenos Posted: 2/15/2011 5:50pm PST

    I have an 02 buick century which has been wonderful with no break downs. but the gas milage has been terrible. but I guess the trade off is comfort!but who cares about the gas milage but the comfort is great.keep making those wonderful cars! pete nenos the car was originally mothers but I bought it from her when she bought a new kia. the gas milage is not that great but any thing that breaks is covered free for ten years!all I have to do is take for oil changes when it needs and keep records of the transactions. pete nenos petenenos@yahoo.com 2-15-2011 thanks.

  • sulpherspringsgreek avatar sulpherspringsgreek Posted: 7/5/2011 5:48am PDT

    I have an 02 buick century with 50000.00 miles and have had trouble with the computer already. had to replace computer , also brakes. what a piece of junk. next car will be a forin, like a kia. by by buick!