• y Brandstetter MD Posted: 10/3/2010 2:17am PDT

    All these optimistic sales are part of simply kidding yourself. fleets has to upgrade, cars and trucks crashed or were trashed, very low interest rates boosted sales beased on credit, pending the next round of job-losses. However, as long as the deamnd for oil eternalizes the huge annual wealth transfer of 500 billion away from the US economy the dollar will depreciate, and purchasing power decline, leading to the next round of recession and job losses. Only an oil-less transprtation alternative can change this path to decline, and the US is steadfastly refusing to acknowledge this self- evident truth. Guys, if you want to save America you better look to alternatives to ICE, not for the few, but for the majority. And the alternative is right there in Palo Alto, if you care to raise you eyes from the tail-pipe

  • dave Posted: 10/4/2010 3:50am PDT

    Right!!! Tesla will save us all.