• themishmosh avatar themishmosh Posted: 10/5/2010 7:37am PDT

    Isn't the CTS already the size of the bmw 5? For sure it is too portly to compare with the svelte bimmer 3.

  • fb_1322589217 avatar Carl Posted: 10/10/2010 7:33pm PDT

    If done right Cadillac could really be the Standard Of The World! However a small block is too pedestrian to compare to the DOHC V8, and V12 engines these buyers expect. Correct engine line up should be all Bi-Turbo with no less than an 8 speed automatic Hybrid drive-train and V6, V8, V12(V Series) models. A $90k to 130K S class rival about 200" to 205" long. "Have pride call it Deville DTS now in it's 10th generation Cadillac's been around a long time old names have heritage!" a larger 209"+ FTS only V12 Hybrid to complete with Bentley ect. Please build a Coupe, Convertible out of one of them, like the CL600 or Brooklands. Finally make sure no one can tell any relation to other GM models.
    As far as the Chevrolet goes "I want a Caprice SS" I like that name and I like big cars! Buick call it Park Avenue or Roadmaster. Nothing I hate more then name changes!