• fb_595318012 avatar Jon Posted: 9/15/2010 5:40pm PDT

    Nice and interesting piece on human (driving) behavior. I still find it ridiculous that pleading guilty costs you MORE money, but that's what the authorities do to make money.

  • Suzanne Kane Posted: 9/16/2010 9:32am PDT

    Good article, John. I'm sure you sparked a few memories of past speeding experiences, my own included. I once got a ticket coming down the long hill on US 50 out of Tahoe to Carson City. Unbeknownst to me -- a longtime speed trap. I didn't have to go to aggressive driving school, but to preserve my good driver record, I did have to take an 8-hour traffic safety education course. It was interesting, mostly for the cast of characters that showed up. It did teach me a lesson, however. Don't speed where it looks most inviting. Better yet, don't go over the limit by more than 5 mph.

  • John Posted: 9/16/2010 12:32pm PDT

    To Suzanne Kane, thanks - I think I've learned my lesson. That 5 mph rule is a good one!