• Andre Posted: 9/18/2010 12:36pm PDT


    That ONE piece you are referring to is a front-view panaramic camera! It offers the industry's first camera that offers a complete 180 degree panaramic view of everything in front of the car. It's great for pulling out of an alley or through a tight parking space.
    Also, this car is NOT a Lexus replica! Not at all, especially when you see them side-by-side. The Equus, overall, is the better looking luxury sedan in the top 4,(IMHO!) and it's feature to value ratio is off the charts!
    So unlike you, as soon as they offer the 5-liter V8 with 429hp in pacific pearl blue, cashmere beige leather and genuine birch burl wood, i'll be purchasing this car!!!!

  • Budbud Posted: 9/13/2010 9:56am PDT

    Hmm...this is pretty but for ONE thing. I mean, I get it, it's a Lexus replica except for that elongated triangle in the center of the grill. If it weren't for that ONE piece, I'd buy this car. That one piece looks so...Pontiac/Saturn, as to ruin the otherwise beautiful and upscale flow of this vehicles aesthetic.