• LB45 Posted: 8/31/2010 9:18am PDT

    Let's see, Insight, Crosstour, now the CR-Z.
    Yep, that's three swings and they are all whiffers.
    Honda strikes out again!

  • insightman Posted: 8/31/2010 2:31pm PDT

    If my Insight Classic was totalled, the CR-Z would be the closest thing I could get to replace it. But I'm getting 72-75 mpg now (not too difficult due to this very hot summer), and my Insight's 0-60 time is within a second of the CR-Z's. I wish someone would put some sticky tires on the 1850-lb 92-hp Insight Classic and race it against the 2700-lb 122-hp CR-Z on a road course. The outcome would be very interesting.

  • Matt Posted: 8/31/2010 3:09pm PDT

    Sad how poorly Honda is executing these days. They let the excitement run out on the excellent S2000 by not keeping it fresh, so they cancel it. Then they release a 2700lb 2 seat FWD coupe with a truck rear suspension, cheapo front suspension and 1980's level power. Huh? big mistakes. Even if it got the needed 50mpg to a legit gas sipper, it still wouldn't make a lot of sense with that suspension design. They are following toyota to where there is no excitement in the lineup and will act surprised when the average buyer age approaches that of buick.

  • Chris Posted: 9/1/2010 12:05pm PDT

    Hey Matt, the original CR-X had a beam axle as well, as did the original VW GTi (and for a couple generations after that). It's all in how you tune it.

  • bob Posted: 10/4/2010 12:05am PDT

    Honda would not have created so much controversy if the Honda president had not stated that with the canceling of the s2000 and NSX successor that he had something special for the enthusiasts and that was the Cr-Z and then compounded the mistake by promoting how "sporty" the CR-Z was going to be (engineers driving lotuses). The problem is the CR-Z is clearly falls far short in performance to be considered a sports car or objectively speaking even sporty (at best its handles better than the insight and prius (which are hardly the bench marks for handling) and Honda just gave it too little power to move the 2700 lb. with any kind of acceleration that I would expect from a sporty car. Perhaps Honda should have just called it the Insight Coupe because truthfully that's all the CR-Z really is. Putting the hybrid system in this car was major mistake by Honda which was compounded by Honda's stubborn insistance that it had to be only a hybrid. Honda would have been able to sell a lot more if it had offered a entry level gasoline engine version and an SI version with perhaps the Civic Si motor.