• Bigger_is_better Posted: 9/26/2010 9:40pm PDT

    After driving both the Mazda6 and Mazda3 and figuring out I could get into the similarly equiped 6 for very little more (largely because of 0% financing for 5 years plus a $2500 discount it was a no brainer. That and the 6 is roomier and rides better and gets same gas mileage with same 2.5 liter engine. I'm very happy I bought the 6. Now if I was 20 and didn't have a family, maybe I would have got the 3.

  • Driver Posted: 8/29/2010 3:09pm PDT

    You can put price on gas/insurance/etc. But what is the price of your comfort? Ask your doctor. You might need the money you saved on gas to pay for your extra chiropractor visits

  • Johnster Posted: 8/27/2010 5:42pm PDT

    Of course, the true cost of automotive ownership is more than just the purchase price. The cost of insuring a smaller car may or may not be lower than that of mid-sized car, you have to check with your agent and you should probably get quotes from multiple agents from multiple companies.
    Typically, smaller cars have lower rates of depreciation and get better gas mileage than larger mid-sized cars. Looking at the big picture, when one considers the lower rates of depreciation and better gas mileage offered by a smaller car, the savings offered by a smaller car over a mid-sized car make it the better buy.