• Bill Burke Posted: 8/20/2010 2:33pm PDT

    The Liberty is growing older, but is still popular enough to generate profits in its' present configuration. Just the fact that Chrysler is tweaking this line indicates a desire to improve on even a long in tooth offering. Smart.
    This will have to due until the next generation Liberty, based generally on a Fiat platform application, will arrive to a loyal following and a whole host of new fans in Fiats expansive world-wide dealer network.
    I'm confidant that Jeep will retain and improve all the off-road capabilities of the current model, while greatly improving market reach with features sure to please more customers.
    Jeep will have a real oppotunity to put a very interesting new Jeep Liberty in the market and the fact that they have given attention to the 2011 model indicates they take the challenge seriously. Can't hardly wait for that new Liberty