• Mr. D Posted: 8/20/2010 5:58am PDT

    Why waste time bringing this model back? Leave that market to Porsche or Audi. Instead VW should concentrate on giving 4 motion as an option to all who want it; TDI options for Tiguan, Eos, CC, Passat, Beetle, or NMS; Polo TDI; a GTD; Touran -- instead of Routan; and a four cylinder twin turbo diesel for Touareg to improve its fuel economy. If VW, however, does bring this car back it also needs to commit to stop decontenting and cheapening the existing product with recent moves like non-locking fuel filler doors, hood props, non-power passenger seats, no full size spare tire -- even as an option, no leather seating option, non-four wheel disc brakes, non-electricl steering, and beam axles.

  • Mark Posted: 10/20/2010 7:24pm PDT

    I've owned a 2004 Phaeton since 2005, and simply put: it's the finest, most reliable car I've ever owned. I have nearly 106,000 miles on the vehicle, and it continues to amaze - both me, and everyone who gazes at her. I would buy another in a hot second, as I had NONE of the issues stated above. Previously owned vehicles: Audi and Mercedes.