• akschorr avatar akschorr Posted: 1/24/2012 8:15pm PST

    I know this article is 2 years old but if anything the picture is more bleak for wagon-lovers now. In fact, I was planning on buying a Volvo V50 this year (2012) to replace my old VW Passat Wagon and much to my dismay I discovered that it has been discontinued for the N. American market. The Passat wagon has also been discontinued. As someone who just would never buy an SUV, or their cousin Crossovers, I am really disappointed. Why don't we see innovation in the wagon market here? Crossovers are NOT wagons, they are wagons that look like they are on steroids... not something I want. So, given what is available today in 2012 it looks like Audi is the only one that has a full-size wagon with decent fuel economy...such a shame!