• JohnnyBigLeagues Posted: 8/7/2010 12:05am PDT

    OK I'll bite. Who writes your checks? This is an honest unbiased opinion? You left some important facts out of your well rounded editorial for the NAB.
    1) HD Radio is not a 'real contender'. It is still subject to FCC regulations and the signal will eventually drop when you are out of range. Neither is true of satellite.
    2a) In car data network based options will not be viable until 4G networks are reaching ubiquity. At least 5 years off, and probably longer.
    2b) Ah excuse me Bengt Halvorson, but the Zen Master is no dummy. If you're paying attention at all, you'll notice that very subtlety, SiriusXM has begun to reposition itself as a 'content originator' and not just a satellite radio provider. Very important distinction.
    3) Satellite is compressed, but at CD quality (128bps) the vast majority of consumers don't know the difference, especially if they are in a car with a cheap stereo and noisy wheel wells.
    Perspective is everything.