• Dim Sum Posted: 6/10/2010 2:33pm PDT

    What about an iPhone with Google maps?

  • sandy Posted: 6/9/2010 1:16pm PDT

    Wow! that is cool.

  • Fizz Posted: 6/9/2010 1:31pm PDT

    This is really great! I have the hardest time reading my nav and must admit it is a distraction as I try to focus on the arrow, the map, listen to the woman all while trying to drive. I like the ability to just share the nav between drivers, too.

  • Top Gun Posted: 6/9/2010 2:36pm PDT

    This is awesome. When can I get an in-car combat flight simulator so I can have more fun on my morning commute? Look out, Ice Man . . . Maverick's on your six!

  • nixonanana Posted: 6/9/2010 2:41pm PDT

    very cool stuff thinking of getting one for my wife who is distracted enough as it is- coolations!!

  • emee Posted: 6/9/2010 6:30pm PDT

    Now i can be a fighter pilot

  • AutoBoy Posted: 6/9/2010 6:31pm PDT

    this is great. i will be buying this!!

  • Damien Thomas Posted: 6/9/2010 6:55pm PDT

    I'm shocked that this is the first of its kind!? This product is great - buying one now haha.

  • Eric Berlin Posted: 6/9/2010 7:14pm PDT

    This is getting into some Minority Report level of cool, save for the creepy robot spiders and such.

  • fb_100001137592380 avatar Yo Posted: 6/9/2010 8:23pm PDT

    Video made it look faint. Would have to see it in person before buying...

  • Arneuv Posted: 6/10/2010 12:26am PDT

    Video is not that great so have to see in person before buying it. but looks promising....

  • April Jeptha Posted: 6/10/2010 12:39am PDT

    Well done heads-up displays are a huge safety advance. Drove one in a BMW recently and, wow, it was crisp, clear, color-differentiated, and far easier to glance down and up to see versus refocusing to the middle of the dash and back. This is exciting.

  • Elijah Posted: 6/10/2010 4:35am PDT

    Great idea, probably will propagate to basic-level models within a couple of years.

  • Papabare Posted: 6/10/2010 6:26am PDT

    I hope these will work better than the flood of other electronic items that are coming out of the orient at this time. ie looks good until you use for a month and then the problems start!

  • Edward Posted: 6/10/2010 8:40am PDT

    The idea behind this is great, but I don't have a lot of trust in aftermarket kits like this...How long before the stuff starts breaking? And isn't it illegal today to attach things to the steering wheel (airbag interference)?