• Philip Shelly Posted: 11/17/2010 3:15pm PST

    The Kia Soul and the advertising are brilliant. The urban life is being sold to suburban teenagers. However, marketing an multithousand dollar item, such as a car, is different than selling clothes. The parents have to be sold, and the smart money says sell to the parents with the less threatening hamsters, while selling to the kids by placing the hamsters in urban clothes and settings recognizable to the kids. The campaign actually advertises urban while ignoring the thug life, is in no way demeaning, and is in fact, brilliant.

  • Bro Posted: 6/8/2010 5:09am PDT

    I'm 54 years old! I have found the hip hop hamsters too be very hip/funny/cute i went out and bought one and am very satisfied with the entire vehicle. For your money, insurance, MPG i think your money will be well spent, especially if the young ladies like it, it is a hip car.

  • LB45 Posted: 5/28/2010 11:05am PDT

    So what's creepy about Muno?
    I'm not in the age demographic they are shooting for but I like the Soul and new Sorento ads. There's a certain funkiness about them that's tough to define and will be tough to imitate although I'm certain many others will try. I just hope Kia doesn't run them in the ground trying to constantly "top" the last one.
    I assure you they hit the mark with the teen daughters. I've been hounded about a Soul as car of choice for some time now.