• Bill Burke Posted: 4/29/2010 1:51pm PDT

    Not even a die-heart Chrysler fan like me will claim that the Sebring is the most compelling Chrysler ever made, but at least it hasn't experienced the wave of recalls we see with Toyota.
    I just hope the re-done mid-size gets a fair shake by the automotive press and they don't dwell on carry over parts and past impressions. The Sebring was so maligned that the name had to be exiled to automotive Siberia. The press found it's punching bag and no mercy was shown.
    Was it so long ago that the Cordoba was the standard of mid-size luxury or has everyone forgotten the warm comfort of genuine "Corinthian" leather? One felt like royalty behind the wheel looking down at that collectable gold coin on the hood.
    Chrysler will get its'"mojo" back and fond memories of that gold coin will come flashing back to this nostalgic Chrysler lover.