• Bill Burke Posted: 4/28/2010 8:19am PDT

    I think the fleet sales for Chrysler, overall the last few months are not that bad as indicated here, but the effort to reduce these sales is smart. As a Chrysler owner I want the brand to reflect the same degree of exclusivity and prestege that I perseve in "Chrysler". One factor is the Sebring convertible, which is a high buck rental and very desireable in warm weather markets.
    To the lucky guy who picked a steal on that Chrysler, have no fear, I've owned Chrysler products exclusively for over 40 years and they will run flawlessly for years and years. At one time, alas, Chryslers were know for dependability, if not always style. I've owned a 70 Challenger for 25 years, all original for the major components, and it drives like a kitten. You made a wise investment that I hope keeps you in Chryslers for years to come. Welcome to the MoPar family!