• Dominik Posted: 4/28/2010 7:15am PDT

    Why are they so ugly? Why do the break so much? Why do they feel so cheap?

  • Scott W Posted: 4/21/2010 8:41pm PDT

    Ford amaze me.
    You are reading this from someone who would have NEVER said that three years ago....someone who thought all American cars since 1973 were total garbage. Not anymore. While I'm still not entirely convinced about GM & Chrysler quality (not saying it wont get there though), Ford have advanced so far & so fast, it's like looking at an ENTIRELY different company. In my view, the new Ford Fusion deserved every single one of its FIVE car of the year awards. I know, because I own one, and I can tell you this; there is NOTHING as good as it for the price. There is a reason Ford are rising fast in resale value. There is a reason they are the number one selling brand in all of the EU. There is a reason they are highest rated in customer satisfaction of quality.
    Great times ahead for this company, as long as they continue to follow their current philosophy of constant improvement of performance & quality at a great price. Good to see you back, America!