• Mark Posted: 4/6/2010 6:31am PDT

    Why not install it in a manual transmission car?
    Because those cars have a CLUTCH pedal. Push that in and the engine will be decoupled from the rest of the drivetrain, therefore not providing power to the drive wheels. This will allow the car to be stopped normally.
    And the nice thing about clutches is they aren't electronic. What a concept!!

  • EricCS Posted: 4/5/2010 9:02pm PDT

    Why just automatic transmissions?
    I don't see any reason the same brake-override system can't be used on manuals that have electronic throttle control, especially since my 2001 Passat V6 stick has the safeguard.
    Whenever I hang on both stop and go pedals for more than a second, the ECU cuts power back to idle.
    Yay for electrons and intelligent design (not in the theological sense).