• Bill Burke Posted: 3/31/2010 11:28am PDT

    I put absolutely no credience in this report. I still maintain that after the smoke has cleared, Chrysler, with the excellent product coming online with Fiat assistance, will be the market leader with 15%+ market share. Wait till people drive the Pentastar powered, dual clutch transmissioned offerings in the pipeline,they will be flocking to Chrysler products. The Chrysler dealers will have to beat them away with sticks and give out numbers to keep the mob at bay. You heard it here first. Get a number now!

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 3/31/2010 11:53am PDT

    Aw, Bill. We can always count on you to shill for Chrysler. Great work!

  • Bill Burke Posted: 4/1/2010 6:26am PDT

    Thanks Rich! Obviously I love my Chryslers and I am totally in the tank with my opinions which I hope entertain as much as provoke thought. Truthfully, I believe that the new products from Chrysler/Fiat hold much promise and will lift them beyond the 7% level predicted. I see 12% as a good possibility if they can deliver the goods. Time will tell.
    I look foward to future biased comments that will keep folks thinking about a Chrysler in their future. I've really had very excellent experience with them and I can't believe the negativity. Enjoy.