• Tony Posted: 3/16/2010 5:53pm PDT

    Besides the shitty pax system wheels and tires that to this day i cant still purchase cause of no job and if i did have a job wouldnt pay the 1500 to buy them i have notice at a stop sign the with my foot pressed all the way down on the brake pedal the van will jump forward at times.... also at turns it makes a weird noises but a usual the dealership said they have heard nothing.....

  • Solozone Posted: 3/16/2010 7:54pm PDT

    This should not be limited to 2007/08. I have the 2005 and the pedal sinks to the wall all the time. This is as bad as Toyota!

  • Drax Posted: 3/17/2010 9:17am PDT

    I had exactly same situation and I strongly agree with Tony. Good one, Tony

  • Jill Posted: 3/27/2010 9:57am PDT

    My brake problem has been similar to Tony's. Specifically, it was more prevalent going down a steep hill. I heard a grinding noise, like metal on metal, I had the pedal to the floor and feared I would not stop. Honda said it was common in these vehicles and their examination showed brakes were working fine. My friend has a 2006 Honda Odessey and has the same problem, more prevalent in hot weather. I'm curious to see if the problem re-occurs for me in the summer, as I haven't had the problem this winter. I also have an intermittent problem with the ignition. Instead of turning over, it makes a sparking noise, NOT a clicking, a sparking. Dealer could not duplicate the problem [remember I said "intermitten"] so they went no further. I asked if they could take apart the ignition cover and see if a wire was loose [not a mechanic, pardon my ignorance & terminology]. They said Honda will not allow them to disassemble anything unless the problem can be duplicated in the shop. I also had both headlight lenses replaced Oct 2009 because they were discolored and peeling. They were covered under the warranty.

  • Jill Posted: 3/27/2010 10:02am PDT

    Me again. Just re-read Tony's. I have had the "jumping" effect as I was braking hard. The car would start to slow, jump although I was applying the same amount of pressure, then slow, then jump again. Never to the point of jerking my body, but still scary. Dealer said brakes were fine.

  • Jed109 avatar Jed109 Posted: 3/28/2010 6:38pm PDT

    I also have that situation with the van lurching forward when I apply the brake but mostly when I'm parking. I keep looking down to see if I'm pressing the accelerator pedal at the same time and I'm not. Sounds similar to others with that jumping forward comment. I also have the soft peddle after 30000 Km, was never firm from the start.

  • wayne Posted: 4/17/2010 4:29pm PDT

    I have the same problem as Jed. I have looked down to see if I hit the accelerator too. I can't tell if my brakes are bad or what.nursery

  • IGE Posted: 5/4/2010 2:34am PDT

    We have the same problem with our 2008 odyssey.First incident was last Apr 2009 when we were travelling 65-70miles/hr 805S with my family.I pressed on the brake coz an imminent traffic was on the way.Im still about 500 meters away from the last car of same lane but i almost hit that car 'coz the odyssey gave a "soft pedal" reaching the bottom before it braked.I didnt anticipate it to happen.It scared me to death.I then went to DCH honda complained about it.After testing, the technician said there is nothing wrong with the brake...Hhmmm...There's this prob. also of the brake pedal not going back soon as it should be its like being stucked down for a few seconds before it goes back up.Not good! Another incident happened late last year with the same problem.I can compare it to our other car(mitsubishi)-- it just brakes just fine and tight.I know im not confident with their explanation when i first went there so i tried surfing it and i known the recall just now.so now i will be going there again as soon as i can have time and see if they will give me a different explanation...

  • Ananth N Posted: 7/5/2010 5:07am PDT

    I bought an used 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L and the brakes were soft and was curiously looking in the forums and understood the recall issue. I took it to the dealer and they said that they rectified the same. Iam still feeling the same and iam not able to feel the ABS type braking. The brakes are still soft and iam totally dissatisfied with the freaking dealer and Honda aswell.