• Sanjeev Posted: 3/11/2010 9:30am PST

    NUMMI does not produce Tundra. It produces Corolla & Tacoma pick-up truck

  • Matthew Pitagora Posted: 3/11/2010 9:53am PST

    Although I can understand this reporter's trepidation in terms of this project's scope, he appears to focus more on discrediting Aurica Motors rather than the viability of saving NUMMI.
    This is Silicon Valley. plenty of skilled people would be happy to build electric cars, and we can re-tool within 2 years.

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 3/11/2010 10:17am PST

    Thanks for catching that. I've corrected it. Clearly I need better coffee.

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 3/11/2010 10:38am PST

    @Matt: Thanks for the website link. I spent half an hour trying to find it to no avail. Perhaps it's new?
    I agree that I spilled a good bit of ink discrediting Aurica, and frankly, after looking at your site, I don't think my critique was off-base. I mean, your argument that "plenty of skilled people would be happy to build electric cars, and we can re-tool within 2 years" isn't what I'd call a solid business plan.
    On the website, you encourage visitors to write their elected officials to insist that NUMMI remain in operation, and yes, it's true that tax breaks and other perks from the government are an important part of making any large-scale business viable. But it sounds as if you expect California -- budget-crippled California -- to pay for the bulk of your as-yet-unproven project to build EVs. As someone who has worked on MANY public-private partnerships, I really hope you have more ducks in a row than that -- namely, several hundred million in venture capital from other resources and a plan for dedicated revenue streams from state and municipal governments, like maybe a millage or three. And some marketplace surveys, proving that people will actually buy your vehicles when they hit the lots. And a few prototypes wouldn't hurt, either.
    Believe me, I appreciate the impact that NUMMI has on the local economy, and I love a good emotional argument. But that and $2 gets me on the streetcar.

  • R2Dad Posted: 3/11/2010 12:15pm PST

    Seems that saving NUMMI is their first priority, building a viable electric anything is the second.
    Regardless of who wants to resurrect the Fremont plant, the numbers will never support saving any UAW jobs. Only a government-owned behemoth like GM could arm-twist state and federal governments into continuing operations there. Yet, bailing out on the Fremont facility was one of the first things they did to save their sinking ship.

  • solo Posted: 3/11/2010 2:41pm PST

    it'd be neat to see NUMMI keep on truckin' (or EVin' as it were) but these electric cars sound like a nightmare.

  • The Kellogg Posted: 3/11/2010 2:44pm PST

    NUMMI could have been a Bay Area Mall of America if they'd timed it right. Now it's just brownfield acreage in East Bay. And who goes to East Bay? Exactly.

  • Damien Thomas Posted: 3/11/2010 2:55pm PST

    Any production in the U.S. is alright in my books. Let's hope they create more jobs.

  • Darryl Posted: 3/11/2010 3:03pm PST

    Sounds like a great way to save a production plant, for all the wrong reasons.

  • LimousineLiberal Posted: 3/11/2010 3:30pm PST

    sincerely hope they are not trying to "boil the ocean" here. love the big thinking and very much hope they succeed!! just get a bit worried in this industry with grand visions if it's not clear where the capital is coming from. all the best!!

  • Jason Posted: 3/11/2010 10:38pm PST

    It's a scam, check the whois on the aruicamotors.com dns and it was recently registered 12/2009. I hope I'm wrong but it looks like someone trying to capitalize on the situation.

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 3/12/2010 4:25am PST

    @John: And if you look at the title bar of their webpage -- the one way up by the browser icon -- they don't even manage to spell "Numi" right.

  • Choppy Cranky Posted: 3/12/2010 4:40am PST

    @R2dad: Oh, really? "the numbers will never support saving any UAW jobs." Gee, so what about those $12/hour starting rates at GM and Ford now? Sure, took bankruptcy to get there, but it's not the union that took down GM and Chrysler. It was crappy management, lousy products, and thinking that the midwest U.S. is actually the whole world. But blaming the working stiff is a typical ploy among folks who assume that execs are blameless & less educated working Americans are The Fault Of Everything.

  • Thieves R Us Posted: 3/17/2010 7:17pm PDT

    Sounds like another ghost company wanting to get hold of Government $$, wait those are my $$. Thieves all of me !!