• ctta987 Posted: 3/9/2010 6:03pm PST

    The one thing which is sure about Whitacre is that he is greedy. Had worked for AT&T doesn't mean he is tech savvy. All tech related inventions by AT&T are the results of its workers not its executives. It looks like he will sooner or later wreck GM. Shame to Obama's administration for giving so much money to GM and then stay out of its affairs. If I had provided that much money to GM I would be evaluating every step GM makes. I would probably fire Whitacre and a bunch of other GM executives. At least I would cut their pays and eliminate many executive positions but hire more engineers and designers.

  • jim Posted: 3/10/2010 5:01am PST

    Seems odd to me that in all the articles that I read about GM, there is nothing mentioned about improving their vehicles reliability. GM lives in the largest vehicle market in the world. Why does my GM vehicle need to return to the dealer for repairs 10 times more than my Honda? I want to be proud of my GM built in America vehicle. Instead I tell everyone how I should have never bought it.