• HyundaiSmoke Posted: 3/8/2010 10:57pm PST

    chinee car quality is like Hyundai's quality 35 years ago. History Lesson: in the mid 1970s Hyundai was like the Chinese, Vietmanese, Indians, and Iranians today. Their cars were so substandard they couldnt even pass the US tests needed to sell here. Despite that, they scared everybody including the Japanese. They thought it was laughable that so called "Dog Eating Koreans" that still dumped sewage in the Ocean at the time could make even a half decent car.
    It took 10 years from their first Detroit Auto Auto Debut to even produce a car (Excel) that was road worthy enough for our country.
    The newcomers still have some time before they have products ready and safe enough to roll on our streets, and then they still have 15 more years after that to get the quality to World Class standards.
    Of course the: Chines, Iranians, Inidans, Vietmanese will get very good eventually, but Hyundai shouldnt be too scared just yet. Its Japan with its declining quality and the US Domestics that should be a little more worried.
    As you guys have said before Hyundai is becoming a premium company, the sky is the limit for these guys rght now, and for the next 25 years at least. KIA will becoe the new Toyota, Hyundai will become the new Lexus.
    I just hope to God that they remember to stick with their excellent World cass quality, and not sell out for Money and the Number 1 spot like other companies.