• judgernater avatar judgernater Posted: 3/13/2012 1:22pm PDT

    Im going to have to side with dodge on this one i mean they were going out of the car macking buisnuiss and well it just was not right for thos guys to be taking their logo THEY LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE

  • ColtsChiefsTitans Posted: 3/1/2010 2:17pm PST

    If Chrysler had reached an agreement whereby the school acknowledged that the logo was "TM" by Chrysler, but the automaker let the school keep using it for awhile (several years), making it a legal licensing agreement with some promo's with the local dealer... still would protect the trademark (in fact putting legal requirements for school use) but keep everyone happy. The lawyers don't appreciate that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"... if the RAM logo wasn't cool, the school wouldn't have 'stolen' it.

  • Joel Chew Posted: 2/26/2010 10:37am PST

    This in 2010? Stealing a logo is absolutly wrong but lets try to help rather that hurt the school. The heart of this matter should ultimately be the kids. The kids and their parents might never buy a Chrysler product again. They will tell the story for the rest of their lives to anyone when automobiles become the conversation. Chrysler should consider this positive senario. What if they think of the school using their logo as free advertising, and try to spin the story in their favor. This would allow Chrysler look great to prospective buyers and the South Forida community. Chrysler needs to open their minds to put a positive spin on this story!

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 2/23/2010 8:20am PST

    @Auto Movers: Thanks for the insight. I think the underlying problem is that Chrysler's legal arm and its marketing department seem to be working independently of one another. As "amicable" as the resolution may have been -- as as justified as Chrysler was in ordering Lake Mary to cease and desist -- if Chrysler lawyers and PR staffers had sat down together and strategized at the outset, the problem might have been resolved much quicker and more quietly.

  • fb_768069541 avatar fb_768069541 Posted: 2/22/2010 6:32pm PST

    I think that Chrysler has handled this just fine. It's big news here in the Orlando Metro area. The schools "designer" stole a trademarked design, case closed. Any court would side with Chrysler! They are being more than fair with helping to design a new logo for the school....

  • Arthur Posted: 2/22/2010 3:02pm PST

    @Hypocritical Lang - Confusion isn't the problem ... the problem is that, to the best of anyone's knowledge, the Ram logo is a copyrighted trademark. Unless the school was licensed to use that trademark, they didn't have permission to use it.

  • ChryslerComm Posted: 2/22/2010 2:34pm PST

    Chrysler Statement: Chrysler Group and the school district reached an amicable resolution of this issue in February.The company has dealt with the school reasonably and with respect for its students.Our dealer has agreed to pay for the design of a new logo for the school,and Chrysler Group has agreed to a longer transition period for the school to complete more involved removals.We remain open to dialogue with the school community on further ways Chrysler Group can help to mitigate the impact of this transition period.Brands and the trademarks that represent them are among the most valuable assets companies own.

  • Arthur Posted: 2/22/2010 2:18pm PST

    "Why don't they focus on polishing up their brand and making decent cars?" Chrysler made the first step in that regard when they hired Nissan's Doug Betts as their quality expert in 2007 ... the only smart thing Cerberus Capital Management ever thought of. It will be up to Fiat to polish Chrysler's brands, however, but given enough time, Chrysler will start making decent cars. Personally, I always liked their LX models, Viper and Challenger, but improvements wouldn't hurt. For my money, the school should have come up with an original design in the first place. Companies can be very protective of their brands.

  • Hypocritical Lang Posted: 2/22/2010 2:11pm PST

    First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers ... honestly, this just makes my blood boil.
    There is *NO* chance of confusion between a high-school sports team and a very large truck. What, like someone's gonna be confused & wander into the high school and insist they sell him a pickup trucks? PUH-leeze. Legal BS.

  • Robert Posted: 2/22/2010 1:59pm PST

    They could have handled it better. Why not offer to redesign their logo for them (something that would take someone in Chrysler's marketing art department about three minutes) and turn it into a PR win?
    Because they're idiots, that's why. ;)

  • Eve Posted: 2/22/2010 1:42pm PST

    Slow news day?

  • Eric Berlin Posted: 2/22/2010 1:11pm PST

    I agree with Richard's take. But I'm also wondering what the thinking was with installing this logo knowing everyone would ask, "Uh, doesn't the new high school logo look *really* familiar?"

  • thecoach Posted: 2/22/2010 1:00pm PST

    what a shame- if bankruptcy does not help this arrogant organization , nothing will. If i was the US government i would work on getting my money from FIAT ASAP

  • mopar Posted: 2/22/2010 12:10pm PST

    If the geniuses at Lake Mary High had any guts they'd replace their Dodge logo with a Honda logo. Maybe they can get away with ripping off a foreign car companies' emblem.

  • tee Posted: 2/22/2010 11:37am PST

    This is not how you win friends when you are broke and on the government take.

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 2/22/2010 11:16am PST

    @Mis Tigi -- You're correct: if owners don't protect their trademarks, those marks become "genericized" and the owner loses exclusive rights to them. "Aspirin", "e-mail", "yo-yo", and even "heroin" are great examples of products that were once trademarked, but fell into public domain. (If you're interested, there's a nice list here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_generic_and_genericized_trademarks)
    That said, I think Chrysler probably could've handled this without pissing off so many people. Although their job would've been made much easier if the school's logo designer had bothered to create something original -- or if Lake Mary's administration had put the kabosh on the redesign years ago.

  • Tom Posted: 2/22/2010 10:20am PST

    Overall I'm going to have to side with Chrysler. That's a blatant copy. It's frankly nice of Chrysler to help pay for a new logo. There's probably some legal reason they had to order the school to cease using it.

  • Mis Tigi Posted: 2/22/2010 10:01am PST

    I am not sure they are allowed to let it slide, I think trademark law requires that the owner protects its trademarks. But I agree about possibility of handling it quietly.