• John Posted: 2/26/2010 9:09am PST

    looking at True Car and their blog (http://blog.truecar.com/?p=2087)and their recent february sales forecast it seems that even with the recall, industry sales will be up 8% month over month and 9% year over year.
    and yeah even though Ford, Chevy and Honda are gaining, Toyota is still 4th on brand sales, above Nissan.

  • Steve Crisafulli Posted: 2/18/2010 12:21pm PST

    No matter what manufacture is talking; the smart thing to say would be that any recall is good. If it’s happening to Toyota, Ford, GM, Chrysler, or Honda the idea of a company addressing a safety or performance issue with a recall is a good thing. First of all, the recall is free. I have always felt that free is a good thing. Second of all, after the recall is completed, the customer can have peace of mind that the vehicle is performing correctly. Peace of mind is a positive thing. Third of all, a manufactures recall shows that the company had enough integrity to address the issue with the vehicle. This could be a great time to promote the integrity of our Auto Industry. To the best of my knowledge most auto manufactures have had company recalls, and will continue to have them in the future. To use the idea of a recall, to be competitive in the market place could only result in hypocrisy.

  • Greg Posted: 2/17/2010 4:23pm PST

    People please look at this closely. How does a major international leader in automotive design and integrety suddenly go from A+ to E?
    It quite simple really, Obamametrics...A leading gangster who now controls one of the former leading auto companies in USA simply has his gangster goon squad put the governmental squeeze on Toyota.
    No body in thier right mind or left...can actually believe that Toyota Corporation would suddenly let a major defect in several models slip through production controls and deliberately lose a major share of the international auto industry...This is a "RIG" by the worlds newest and best gangster....Barry Hussein Obama...The Magic Negro.
    This part is just conjecture, but I believe that the Magic Negro has has it in for the Japanese for what they did to his "Fabricated Home State of Hawaii" back years before he ever even pretended to be borne there. This is a convoluted payback for Pearl Harbor from a gagngster who is now running GM (Gangsta Motors)and with the Unions pushing this, Barry and company have pressed the NTSA and other organizations to find something wrong with Toyota.
    I am compelled by this to run out and buy a brand new Toyota even though my most recent one a 2006 Prerunner Pickup is running perfectly well....My hope is that the union who now owns GM (Gangsta Motors)will fail at sabaotaging Toyota and instead bolster sales of people like me who defie the liars and Barrack Hussein Obama.

  • P71 Posted: 2/17/2010 11:30am PST

    Well, it just goes to show, that people like bland, boring mediocre appliances...and when you don't want to buy them from Toyota...who does that leave?
    Ford Motor Company...and all of their mediocre, bland, and lackluster appliances.

  • CEM Posted: 2/17/2010 5:03am PST

    Don't believe everything you read. The article assumes 100% of the increase in sales at the other manufacturers is based on the Toyota's recall. If that was the case, how is it the Chevy is dropping too when they are not recalling anything. Honda has recalls too... The fact is this is not an analysis but one more skewed article. Hyundai and Ford sales were going up BEFORE the Toyota recall, Chevy is still struggling from the GM bankruptcy and Nissan sales have been mostly flat... too many web sites with little accurate and interesting information on cars...

  • King Seesar Posted: 2/16/2010 3:37pm PST

    & Honda did it w/ predatory tactics, unlike Ford & Hyundai.
    In fairness, some of those cars may have gotten gains bc they are new ...