• Mel Posted: 2/13/2010 5:11pm PST

    Wow! another mass recall from Toyota. You'd think the auto industry tighten it up. The auto industry seems to keep falling

  • Alvin Posted: 2/19/2010 8:05am PST

    It's not Toyota it's the American people that built the parts not the plant remember these cars and trucks carry an over seas badge but they have more parts built and made in the USA. So before all this bad Mouthing look at the facts this was Dana problem made in the USA the gas peddel well that was made in Illinois USA. I own a 2009 Chevrolet and that is falling a part worse than my 2003 toyota tundra. The blame gose to you and I the American people

  • bucket trucks Posted: 4/28/2011 7:57am PDT

    It's amazing to me that Tundra's, Tacoma's, and Toyota's in general have such an incredibly high resale value. I guess people still believe they sell a superior product even though domestic trucks like Ford are higher rated.
    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a Tundra, but they seem to be over priced.