• Shaun McGowan Posted: 1/22/2010 7:24pm PST

    The VW Passat has awesome road presence. It looks great!

  • Al Posted: 1/22/2010 8:48pm PST

    When Nissan offered a 4 seat option in the old Maxima, there were very few takers, so the option was discontinued.
    VW could could have learned from that.
    Reducing the seating capacity could only reduce the number of potential sales. This was a most obvious and predictable outcome.
    Sometimes the absolute stupidity of some manufacturers absolutely amazes me.
    I didn't even consider the CC because of the 4 seat limitation, and now I have a 2010 Maxima which is probably a superior car than the CC anyway.

  • Odineye Posted: 1/24/2010 10:22am PST

    I think you meant "four door coupe" not "sedan". I don't think four door sedans have been a hot topic for some time now.
    And it seems like it is unnecessarily alienating to your customeR base to limit a back seat to two if it can be made to accomodate three. Even if you want to simulate four person seating much if the time, this is better managed by use of a fold-down armrest.
    If empty-nesters were the target market it should be noted that they often hope to be carrying around grandkids in those back seats.

  • CC Rider Posted: 2/6/2010 5:17am PST

    Hard to find quality feedback on this Model so Here Goes.
    Done 5000klms so far, half of which long journey.
    Returned 7.8lt/100klms.(TRUE)comprised 300klm short aggressive and 1500 highway.
    A bit jerky at first (DSG) but smoothing out more every 1000 klm (noticable) after 5000klms very smooth.
    Computer adapts very quickly to driving style and will take around 10klms
    to calm down performance response after aggressive driving.
    Nice touch with heated side mirrors drop and move in when reversing to give view of rear tyre/kerb position.
    Excellent seat heating and climate control.
    Handling setting always in soft mode letting the computer firm up automatically depending on driving conditions.
    Insurance is very reasonable $630 year Allianz $1200 excess.
    Very pleased with all aspects of the vehicle.
    Happy to recommend.
    SPECS; V6 FSI 300ps Black + rear spoiler with Two tone Nappa interior.
    IMO It's a nice place to be and VW should not have allowed the diesel option and given US Canada the full Euro version.Just set a high standard that will earn the marque respect.
    The only downside is getting asked "what is it" I can live with that cause I bought it for ME. (and the wife let me)
    How about that not another stupid post about another car.