• fb_100000528651204 avatar Josh Posted: 1/1/2010 3:35pm PST

    It all sounds great, but can they make it happen? I hope so! The new Rams are probably the best trucks out there right now. I hope that D,C,J doesn't fall off the map but they need to make MULTIPLE CHANGES. Realistically the only vehicles that I would consider driving from Dodge,Chrysler, or Jeep. 2009-2010 Ram Trucks, Challenger V8 (either) and the Wrangler...

  • John Phillips Posted: 2/10/2010 7:17pm PST

    I think that Chrysler should stick to the styles that chrylser makes and not change all the vehicles to look like fiats. And i really hope that dodge is not going to stop making the ram because if i was ever had enough money to afford a big vehicle i would go for either the ram or the durango. The other companies suvs and trucks cant even compare to the designs of the ram or the durango. Dodge has them beat!!! i drive a 2008 avenger because i am a college student and thats what i could afford but i love it, it has great styling, a great interior, it runs great and i get so many looks and comments about how nice it looks and how fast it looks. Dodge, chrylser and jeep are the best vehicles on the road and are definately the best looking, so i hope that chrylser doesnt make the vehicles ugly like the higher up car companies, the styling is what attracts buyers, chrylser should focus on making there vehicles more reliable so more people will buy them. The biggest thing people always say about the brand is that it wont last because of the transmission. so chrysler, please work on that, dont make the vehicles ugly like the other car companies plain and boring vehicles..