• dogggy Posted: 11/9/2009 11:44am PST

    Theres a dog in the hallway here that leaves a larger footprint than I have ever witnessed from an SUV. I can't recall ever going out on the street and thinking to myself that from the smell of things an SUV must have just past by. However, I can't say the same for the local dog, there are always telltale signs.

  • Jim b Posted: 11/9/2009 11:50am PST

    Well, even better and more interesting will be an articles about
    cats and prius. I'm sure the findings will be interesting, no?
    Moreover, we all know that cows and sheep (see new Zealand) are
    the main reason al gore is (still) in the news :)

  • Limousine Liberal Posted: 11/9/2009 11:58am PST

    Ain't being a true environmentalist a bitch. Once these preachers get done with the easy targets - "big oil"; "greedy corporate polluters" - the reality of everyday human consumption and its disproportionate impact on everything is revealed. Trying to then preach about that gets some push back the preachy environmentalists aren't used to hearing (at least from those who aren't easy to paint as villains)

  • greedo Posted: 11/9/2009 12:00pm PST

    By this logic, having kids is the ecological equivalent of opening a strip mine, and the ASPCA is a bigger polluter than, say, the domestic auto industry.
    Doesn't sound quite right, does it?

  • carguy Posted: 11/9/2009 12:13pm PST

    my wife is much more scared of dogs then she is of SUV's so less Dogs means happier wife for me.

  • What About Cats? Posted: 11/9/2009 1:03pm PST

    I'm curious...we're planning on having a few hundred or so.

  • Seriously Posted: 11/9/2009 1:12pm PST

    Seriously? Researchers get paid to compare dogs to cars?

  • Sullivan Conches Posted: 11/9/2009 4:45pm PST

    THIS, folks, is John Stuart Mill's marketplace of ideas. Everyone gets to say (or study) anything, and then the good ideas rise to the top (mostly) and the bad ideas ultimately get disproven, criticized, or otherwise invalidated. It's how a free people operate. I don't get the sneering ...

  • Damien Thomas Posted: 11/9/2009 6:10pm PST

    The 2010 Honda Dog Friendly Element picture - classic :)

  • Tim Posted: 11/10/2009 4:13am PST

    sightline.org is a very far left, anti-capitalist organization. I'm not saying they are wrong. Just pointing out their politics...

  • braydenstyles Posted: 11/10/2009 5:40am PST

    +1 Seriously? Researchers get paid to compare dogs to cars?
    this is absolutely ridiculous, the self loving egotistical right wing bastards that think that dogs leave a bigger footprint then them self's and their cars and trucks are complete morons!
    Maybe we should do a study on how to thin down the human people that do research of retarded things cause they are using more of carbon footprint then rest of us and see how they like the though of elimination???
    "humans we spend most of our life looking down instead of up"

  • Grodo Posted: 11/10/2009 11:17am PST

    Wonder what is more ecological - an SUV or a dog-sled with half a dozen canines...

  • Soupgoblin Posted: 11/24/2009 3:07pm PST

    Well, the dog was free ($500 if I had bought a brand new one), and costs me about $500-$600 a year to operate (minus vet bills).
    The toyota land yacht, runs about $70,000.00 new, and may cost about $4000.00 a year to operate (minus extremely costly repairs).
    Sorry, the dog may not be the status symbol as a gas guzzling, ugly, idiot driven SUV, but he is definitely worth more to me, and he likes my gas sipping Malibu, it is just enough car without being 9 kinds of pretentious.

  • C D Coccio Posted: 12/22/2009 7:12am PST

    SUVs use a lot of energy - if individual dogs use twice as much energy as a 2.5 ton steel contraption down the road, it begs the question; where did prehistoric and ancient dog owners get all that energy? Would they have even bothered to domesticate an animal that consumes uses all that food? How would an animal that needed that much energy even survive on it's own?
    The whole idea that dogs use more energy than SUVs is laughable.

  • rana14 Posted: 2/26/2010 11:02pm PST

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  • JV Posted: 3/15/2010 6:11am PDT

    Animals, including dogs and humans, use a large amount of energy, more than you might imagine. And we use a large amount of fuel to grow, process and transport the food that we and our pets eat. In prehistoric times there were only a few million people, now there are almost a 100,000 TIMES as many!

  • suv reviews Posted: 7/3/2010 5:57am PDT

    Well, I dont like the comparision between suv cars and dogs - but I do like the photo you've used in the blog :)