• R2Dad Posted: 9/17/2009 9:11am PDT

    This is the first Buick in 20 years that I would even look at twice. When you're where Buick is,though, you've gotta take some chances so I don't mind seeing Lutz gamble with these "controversial" billboards. Unfortunately, I think it's time for Bob, my favorite car-guy, to step down. That big of an ego is unbecoming on a 77 year old guy, even for an ex-military pilot.

  • Cosmo Posted: 9/17/2009 5:30pm PDT

    The new tagline for Buick is no improvement over the old one. Buicks are only sold in North American and China. If it were really world-class it would be sold around the world, not in just a few cherry-picked markets.