• fb_517698925 avatar Todd Posted: 9/16/2009 5:28am PDT

    Now they just need to pop one of those 2.0l (possibly even a 2.5l) into a Euro based Focus to make a NA equivalent of the wicked fast Euro Focus RS and now we're talking.

  • Susan Williams Posted: 9/16/2009 4:57pm PDT

    Ford is all over fuel economy and the environment. Watch out for the Greenwashing.
    In my town, Ford's activities are run counter to its greenwashing blitz.
    Ford is partnering with a company convicted of environmental crimes - Pan Am Railways - to build a 750-space parking lot over an aquifer that supplies water to 15,000 people.
    The proposal is supported by an archaic federal law that allows railroads to be exempt from local laws and restrictions.
    On one hand, Ford actively greenwashes and promotes how eco-sensitive it is, and on the other hand, jeopardizes a community's natural resource -- its water supply.
    See more at www.cleanwaterwarrior.com