• fb_1510606196 avatar Carl Posted: 8/26/2009 6:54pm PDT

    Maybe I'm just not able to comprehend the arithmetic here. We are just wrapping up the eighth month of 2009. Next year, June 2010, the 2012 model will be released. What happens to the 2011 model?
    I sure miss the days when all new car introductions were crammed in the months of September, October and maybe November for cars designated for the following calendar year designation. The NHTSA had some pretty firm rules about the phase-in of some of the Federal Safety Standards. Did everyone just cover their eyes and ears and decided that it really doesn't matter?
    Another beef (I'm crabby tonight). Some cars have names that stick for generations: Mustang, Corolla for example. Others have 3-digit model names - the favorite of all time was the BMW 318 - oh yeah, they did hang an "i" on it.
    Just crazy. Now we get three-letter names, too. What the hell does CTX really mean?