• Eddy B Posted: 8/31/2009 5:13pm PDT

    I happen to own this truck, and the steering is really, really good compared to other trucks, and light years ahead of the trucks of the 70's or even 80's, so I don't think you ever drove a truck from 20 years ago, if you did, you would have known the difference. I have driven Fords, Chevys and Dodges from the last 30 years, and this truck is a Cadillac compared to a 1980's 1-ton Chevy with a 3-speed manual or a 1989 Ford 1-ton flatbed. The Jake brake works best when you have a load, this truck is designed for loads, such as really heavy trailers. The Cummins Diesel engine actually came out in 2007, as a 2007.5 option, and is industry leading quiet, and in some ways as quiet as a gas engine in leading trucks of the same size. I agree the fit and finish is not as good as some trucks, but at least the truck is a real truck that hauls real loads and is not plagued by a independent front suspension, if you want a car, buy a car, don't expect your heavy duty truck to act like a car! This review reminds me of someone that has no idea what they are reviewing, it is like the sport bike rider complaining that the Harley Davidson makes too much noise and shakes too much, and not at all smooth like Suzuki or Yamaha street bike.

  • Mark Posted: 8/14/2009 7:49am PDT

    It's too bad the HD Rams are made in Mexico.
    Chrysler should have shut down that plant and moved the production to St. Louis instead of the other way around. Especially after taking all that taxpayer money to keep them afloat.