• John Davis Posted: 8/10/2009 3:21pm PDT

    Wow That makes pretty good sense to me!@

  • shdwsclan Posted: 8/10/2009 3:32pm PDT

    Thats one pretty expensive import.........

  • Uncle B Posted: 8/11/2009 3:46am PDT

    One day, and soon, somebody will develop a two seater, tandem style super commuter car based on Tesla's technologies, manufacture it in China to keep costs down, and retail it to American suburb dwellers, students, working poor, retirees, service industry part-timers, occasional workers, or family men strapped to unpayable mortgages, giving them cheap transportation, and cash left over to pay off debt! GM (America) couldn't do it with the four wheeled massive heavy Volt, but a Three wheeled uber-fast ultralight commuter with motorcycle licensing just might do the trick!

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 8/11/2009 4:27am PDT

    @Uncle B: Can we assume you're talking about the Aptera 2e?

  • Mithridates Posted: 8/11/2009 8:30am PDT

    Electric vehicles are now officially profitable. A big day.
    It looks like the Nissan Leaf will be the big game-changer though, assuming it ends up being as cheap as they say it will. If that's the case then it may be even cheaper than gas-powered cars in many countries due to subsidies.

  • Noah Posted: 8/11/2009 1:30pm PDT

    Very cool news! Nice to see more and more businesses starting to turn a profit lately. Wasn't aware of Tesla Motors' financial woes, though...hopefully that gets worked out in their favor.